Alex Hormozi is a very successful entrepreneur and has created a lot of successful ventures.

He is a prolific writer and also creates a lot of youtube videos where he imparts a lot of wisdom about life and business. I recently watched his video titled Stop trying to be happy and here is what I learned from this short video.

Use pain instead of motivation

We have a goal and we make a plan but its not very easy to stick to the plan and keep working on it without a drive. Motivation is one of the key drivers that help people make progress. In the video however, Alex takes a different approach. He mentions use the pain or the dark side to do the things that you want to do.

He simply says

You are not poor because you do not have passion, you are poor because you are not doing the activities that make you rich

Now if you can use motivation to drive your day to day behaviour then use that but if you are someone who leans in on the dark side then use that.

No purpose, no problem

Finding a purpose in life is not something that happens overnight. It might take years and for some people it might never happen. I have been guilty of using this as an excuse to not do anything. Every time I sit down to do something then my mind is paralysed and it always finds a way to not do it.

So instead of waiting for motivation to strike use the energy from the negative experience in your life to fuel the desire to get better. Keep doing this for a while a bigger vision and purpose will start to appear.

My purpose in life until maybe 4 years ago was "Don't be broke"