A small post to outline the tools and technologies that help the blog stay up on the web.

Hugo - The amazing static site generator that is the backbone for that you see out there. The UI/UX uses tranquil theme. The packs a lot of stuff out of the box but at the same time allows to choose your own colors.

Netlify provides free hosting for static sites and hexo has a deployer plugin that helps you deploy the site in a single command. Not only this, it has an integration with Let;‘s Encrypt that lets you add SSL on click of a button.

Go Daddy is the site’s domain registrar. Create an account, choose a domain, pay and as simple as that. Just configure a CNAME record by adding the site’s IP and you are set.

Cloudflare for fast delivery, caching and other content delivery.

Algolia allows you to search posts within the blog and the tranquil theme has a simple configuration to plug it in.

Disqus The amazing commenting system that adds comments and threads to any blog post. Again, a small config in your theme and its done.

The software industry is rife with tools and integrations that help you get up and running. There is no one such configuration that is the best, just pick a few tools, mix and match and if that medley suits you then you have your blog.